Update on the Foundation for Mechanical Insulation Education, Training, and Industry Advancement

April 17, 2023

The Foundation is looking forward to a productive 2023, which will be made possible by the generous contributions of our supporters. We have a multitude of initiatives we can get behind when it comes to educating and creating awareness of the value and power of mechanical insulation, and here is what we are focusing on with our current level of financial support.

Developing Industry Data

Mechanical Insulation Energy and Carbon Reduction Survey

The mechanical insulation industry has long emphasized the impact mechanical insulation can have on energy savings and the reduction of carbon emissions. Given the current focus on both of those topics, our industry has never been in a better position to demonstrate that environmental impact.

Many governmental agencies, engineering firms, and facility owners are evaluating a host of initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints while lowering energy demands. Our industry understands the positive impact mechanical insulation can have on the environment, but we need facts and figures to demonstrate the results of our proven technology.

The next generation entering the workforce will continue to increase the focus on sustainability efforts, and they want information on the past, present, and future impact mechanical insulation can deliver.

Subject matter experts have developed a new methodology that, with the help of select manufacturers, will allow us to estimate the total energy savings and emission reductions in higher service temperature ranges (150°F–1,200°F).

Our objective is to determine the energy savings and carbon reduction impact of mechanical insulation based upon:

  1. Current mechanical insulation usage levels,
  2. Past usage (5-year estimate),
  3. Estimated impact for the next 5 years, and
  4. Estimated missing and/or damaged insulation for the last 5 years and forecast of the next 5 years.

Responses are expected in late Q1 2023, and we hope to have survey results available in early Q2.

Industry Measurement Survey

Every 2 years, the Foundation works with Industry Insights, an independent third-party company, to conduct a survey to gauge the size of the insulation industry. This survey began in 1997 and seeks to gain data about the size of the insulation industry and growth rates for the U.S. commercial and industrial mechanical insulation market. The latest survey was conducted in early 2023. (To access the 2021 survey results, see https://insulation.org/io/articles/nia-surveys-confirm-market-expectations-and-forecast-growth-in-2021-2022.)

As the mechanical insulation industry has evolved, and as the need for additional industry data has surfaced, the recent survey collected a wider range of information than has been collected in previous years.

It became apparent during the survey data collection for the 2021 report that with industry consolidations, the increased use of flexible removable/reusable covers, changing mechanical insulation systems, and other similar changes that we needed to explore a different approach for the 2023 survey.

In past surveys, we have asked NIA member companies to report one overarching number for mechanical insulation industry products. In January 2023, survey respondents were asked to report separate numbers in various product groups for the products they represent in the United States mechanical insulation market. There are multiple reasons for this change in reporting. It will:

  1. Allow us to provide Industry Insights with the necessary formulas to account for the cost of fabrication.
  2. Allow us to report an estimated national market share by the overarching product group.
  3. Potentially lead to a general separation in determining the size of the commercial and industrial markets.

We look forward to sharing the results of the survey in an upcoming issue of Insulation Outlook magazine.

Continued Contributions to Educational Content Creation

The Foundation continues to support the creation of new content for NIA’s Education Center, including nine courses that were added in January and five that were added in February. The Foundation’s goal is to support the addition of 20 to 30 courses each year.

Ready to Contribute?

With so many projects underway and on the horizon, the Foundation is excited about the future but can only do as much as our resources dictate. We are so grateful to our legacy contributors and hope to grow this list steadily in the next few years.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact foundation@insulation.org. Contribution levels are available to fit any budget. And, because the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, your contribution is fully tax deductible.