The Foundation for Mechanical Insulation Education, Training, and Industry Advancement


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the relationship between the Foundation and NIA?

A: Effective January 2022, the Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) organization. Prior to that, the Foundation was a standing committee within NIA and not a separate entity.

The Foundation is being managed by NIA’s professional association management staff as directed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

For more information, please visit About the Foundation.

Q: How will the Foundation be funded?

A: The Foundation is funded primarily through voluntary contributions from more than 50 member companies, regional associations, and industry organizations that support the mission of the Foundation and believe in its ability to advance the industry. (A full list of contributors can be found here.)

It is important to know that the scope of work that the Foundation operates within is based on the contributions it receives. All activities are prioritized based on funds available and with the oversight of the steering committee, priorities are constantly reviewed and shifted based on funding fluctuations. The Foundation will also be exploring grant opportunities to increase available funding for new programs.

Our contributor stakeholders believe that our industry will grow when our external audience is educated on the benefits of insulation. This commitment and forward-thinking stance align with the mission of the Foundation and sustains its future.

Companies within the mechanical insulation industry are busy with their own businesses. By supporting the Foundation with your contribution, you allow us to provide industry awareness and educate the external audience on your behalf at a fraction of the cost compared to your company doing it independently.

Imagine what could be accomplished if every company who provides mechanical insulation products and services contributed?

Annual contribution levels include:

Gold Elite—$15,000
Gold Plus—$10,000

Q: What programs does the Foundation maintain and develop, and who decides on these programs?

A: The programs of the Foundation are discussed and proposed by its Board of Directors. Programs that are approved are carried out by program managers and consultants and are continuously monitored by Board. The scope of the Foundation’s programs is limited by the annual Foundation budget. Contributions to the Foundation are only used for Foundation programs and their execution.

The Foundation is responsible for the development of many of the programs that the National Insulation Association currently offers including the Insulation Energy Appraisal Program (IEAP), the Thermal Insulation Inspection Program (TIIP), the Understanding the Submittal Process, Understanding Specifications, and more.

Now, as an independent organization, the Foundation will focus on developing and/or maintaining the following:

  • Content development for modules to be included in NIA’s Education Center.
  • Marketing the inclusion of inspection requirements in specifications and working with manufacturers to include inspections in the specifications.
  • Survey methodology review for the biennial Industry Measurement Survey.
  • Promoting the products and services NIA members through participation in energy-related committees, task forces, trade shows, and related industry events
  • Continue the strong relationship built with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its numerous affiliates such as the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Better Buildings, and Industrial Assessment Centers, and others.
  • Maintain relationships with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), Association of Facilities Engineers (AFE), Energy Management Association (EMA), Inspectioneering, Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP, formerly NACE), and others.
  • Research grant writers and opportunities to apply for grants.

Q: Where do I go to get tax donation information?

A: Once an annual contribution to the Foundation is made, confirmation of the contribution will be sent to you.

Q: As an existing contributor to the Foundation, will I still receive a statement on my contribution anniversary month or has that changed?

A: Contribution statements will now be sent at the beginning of each calendar year.

Q: Can I contribute to the Foundation to help advance the industry as an individual, separate from my company?

A: Yes, since donations are tax-deductible, both you and your company can donate separately.

Q: Are contributions for the current calendar year?

A: Yes, regardless of the month that your contribution is received is it used for initiatives in the current calendar year. The Foundation appreciates contributions made at the beginning of the year as it allows us to determine which programs and initiatives it is able to fund.