January 2023

Also in the January 2023 Issue:

NIA Releases an Updated Standard for Faced Metal Building Insulation

The NIA-Certified Faced Insulation Standard for metal building insulation has been updated, following recommendations from NIA’s Metal Building Laminator Committee. See what has changed and how the updates can positively affect the metal building industry.

Commercial Energy Code Update

The latest energy code cycle (IECC 2021/ASHRAE 90.1-2019) features changes that will lead to more efficient buildings, saving end users energy and money, but what do you need to know to meet code?

Absorption and Background Noise: Knowing the Whole Story

Read about how acousticians and engineers factor in absorption and background noise in selecting materials to meet performance requirements.

Suicide and Opioid Overdose: Prevention Starts with Reducing Stigma

Workers in the construction industry are at high risk to die from suicide or suffer from opioid use disorder. Learn how you can help address these two mental health needs—and possibly save a life.

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