September 2016

Also in the September 2016 Issue:

Do You Have an Insulation Strategy?

Considering its importance, insulation doesn’t seem to get as much attention as it deserves. This appears to be changing, at least to some extent. Recently, there have been changes to insulation requirements in the both the country’s biggest state and biggest city — California and New York City.

This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Inventory-Control System

The goal of a good logistics system is to bring in product, track the product while it is in your possession, and ship it to the customer in a timely and accurate manner. The goal has not changed over the years, but the tools and programs available to perform this task have dramatically improved and will continue to be refined in the future.

Five Keys to Inventory and Supply-Chain Management

Inventory management has a profound effect on jobsite operations. If proper inventory-management techniques are not followed, it can cause costly project delays. Following are 5 tips from National Insulation Association (NIA) distributor members on how to ensure proper inventory management and a smooth inventory supply chain.

Amazon Expands E-Commerce Opportunities

Amazon is an e-commerce giant. It has dominated for a decade and is making inroads into the construction market. Is Amazon Business an asset for your company or a competitor? What will it become?

How Customer Analytics Can Help Your Business

In today’s business environment, everything is about analytics; but, companies may not be capitalizing on this valuable asset. The first step is to find a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allows your business to capture and utilize this data.

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