August 2020

Also in the August 2020 Issue:

Selling in Uncertain Times

Whether from COVID-19 or any other challenge, having a plan to guide you through uncertain times will ensure your business continues to thrive. Greg Orth shares practical, hands-on techniques for improving skills and enhancing business relationships, centered around his 3 critical components for success.

Construction’s Silent Killer: Suicide in the Construction Industry

“Why can’t I just snap out of it?” More construction workers die from suicide than every other workplace-related fatality combined, and men aged 45 to 54 are most likely to kill themselves, regardless of occupation, making this a meaningful topic. This article offers a frank discussion of mental health and wellness, as well as resources to help us all understand the issue and promote suicide prevention.

How Can Employers Promote Employee Mental Wellness?

Read about the mental wellness resources available to you and your employees, as well as guidance on how to navigate the legal requirements surrounding protected health information and related issues.

Preparing for the Economic Recovery: Strategies to Help Contractors Succeed in a Changed Business Environment

The third installment of our series on human resources in the construction industry takes a look at the 6 key areas organizations can focus on now to minimize disruption during this time of rapid change, protect their workforce, and prepare to succeed in the eventual economic recovery.

Masking the Issue: The Case for Cloth Face Coverings

For those in the construction industry, wearing a mask is all about safety—though usually a mask is worn to protect us from external exposures. NIA’s Health and Safety Chair explains why wearing a simple cloth face covering is vital for the public good and is an act of solidarity.

An OSHA Update: Confidentiality, Subcontractors, and COVID-19 Guidance

To help you manage the ever-changing landscape of working during a pandemic, this article explains OSHA updates on the confidentiality of employer injury and illness records, a warning about safety supervision for subcontractors, and evaluating COVID-19 exposure risk under the general duty clause.

A Q&A on COVID-19 as an OSHA Recordable Illness

Alongside the summary of OSHA updates, we offer answers to employers’ questions, such as which 3 criteria trigger COVID-19 as an OSHA recordable illness, what is meant by “reasonable determination” of exposure at work, what is the timeframe for investigation and timely recordings, and more.

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