February 2022

Also in the February 2022 Issue:

Design Considerations for the Acoustics of Piping Systems in Multi-Tenant Buildings

Whether a building is for residential or commercial use, noise control is a key to ensuring resident/tenant comfort and satisfaction. Read about what goes into proper acoustic design of piping and utility systems.

A Model Approach to Improving the Accuracy of Insertion Loss Predictions

Recent research in noise control engineering offers an accurate new model to develop innovative acoustic solutions in industrial insulation systems design.

A Different Perspective: Interesting Facts about Sound Control and Insulation in the Power-Generating Industry

Steam-generating boilers and the fans needed for their operation can create noise levels harmful for plant personnel. Here are six facts important to achieving proper sound control in power plants.

Does Your Plant Have a Noise Problem? Industrial Acoustic Insulation Can Help

The costs of an industrial facility exceeding noise limits can be high, in terms of personnel health, workers’ compensation claims, and penalties for non-compliance with local regulations. What insulation product types, applications, and solution process can help fix noise problems?

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