January 2022

Also in the January 2022 Issue:

Insulation Economics: Three Things for Engineers and Insulation Professionals to Watch in Q1 2022

How will the Omicron variant, inflation, and nonresidential construction spending impact the economy—and your business—in the coming months?

Workers’ Compensation Claims: What Gets Measured Gets Done

Capturing data on workers’ compensation claims and outcomes can help a company identify trends and opportunities to increase worker safety and lower claims costs.

Safety Matters: Heat Illness Prevention Guide

With OSHA directed to develop an emergency temporary standard (ETS) for heat illness prevention, what steps should you take to prepare your company—and your employees—to comply? Also, read about what the recently issued COVID-19 ETS may mean for your business.

Fighting Supply Chain Disruptions

Recent supply chain disruptions are a challenge to businesses in all industries, but some companies are faring better than others. Read about strategies to ensure you are positioned to weather—and maybe even profit from—the storm.

A Different Perspective: Insulating Piping System at a Power Plant

Following best practices for insulating piping systems can help ensure energy-efficient power plant operations. Full of picture illustrations, this article will help you navigate around a boiler and learn common terms.

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