July 2020

Also in the July 2020 Issue:

Eight Ways the Coronavirus Crisis is Changing Construction

As the nation gets back to business (with the coronavirus still out there), how is the “new normal” affecting operations? Read about measures for maintaining safety and business health today and what you can expect down the road.

Time for a Pause: Reevaluating Recruiting Strategies

Traditional business challenges do not disappear just because a pandemic takes center stage. Part II of our series on how companies in our industry can address recruiting and retaining employees offers a look at how you can use this economic “pause” as an opportunity to reassess and revitalize your strategies to grow your talent pipeline and ensure you are ready to hit the ground running as the construction market rebounds.

Crisis Communications

Among the challenges facing management during the current pandemic is how to keep employees updated when the workforce is more dispersed than usual and—in our industry in particular—many do not even have email accounts to check. The reasons for staying in touch with your people range from communicating urgent messages concerning health and safety to maintaining a critical level of trust and morale. Read about practical strategies to help your company navigate these difficult times.

OSHA Raises the Bar for Investigating the Work-Relatedness of COVID-19 Cases

Regulations concerning recording COVID-19 cases among the workforce are evolving almost as quickly as our understanding of the virus itself. Read about how you can tell if an incidence is considered a work-related illness and what requirements your company must meet in terms of record-keeping.

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