March 2022

Also in the March 2022 Issue:

State of the Industry: A Carbon Message Everyone Should Copy

The quest for sustainability is affecting business and government on a global scale. Read about the push to achieve net-zero status and a case study of how an energy appraisal helped one company target its strategy to meet carbon-reduction goals.

Industry Not Insulated from Supply Chain Issues

Few consumers understand how deeply supply chain issues—and the pandemic—affect manufacturing, prices, and the economy overall. As people reenter the labor market, demand stabilizes, and supply chain issues begin to resolve, what will the second half of 2022 look like?

Plan the Perfect Project with a Few Clicks

Engineers and designers have long counted on NAIMA’s 3E Plus® to calculate the appropriate insulation thickness for any application. Now, the updated software is even more user friendly, with new features and cross-platform compatibility (including mobile devices).

Eliminate Insulation Design Confusion

MICA announces the release of the 9th Edition of its vital resource, formerly known as the “MICA Manual.” The revised North American Commercial and Industrial Insulation Standards manual is more comprehensive than ever.

ASHRAE 90.1 and Insulation Handbooks

ASHRAE 90.1 is a consensus standard that forms the basis of commercial building energy code requirements. ASHRAE also offers insulation handbooks, and the author reveals the most pertinent chapters for mechanical insulation guidance.

Thermal Insulation Standards: ASTM C16

Catch up on developments in the ASTM committee and subcommittees driving thermal insulation standards.

Here Are the Codes You Need for Metal Building Envelope Projects

Along with standards, codes set the foundation for much of our work. Here is a look at the latest ASHRAE and International Energy Conservation Code updates affecting metal building construction, where they have been adopted, and what you need to know to be compliant.

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