November 2023

Also in the November 2023 Issue:

A Study on Insulation’s Positive Impact on Energy Efficiency and Emission Reductions

The results are in from a first-of-its-kind study that examines and quantifies the impact of mechanical insulation to save energy and reduce emissions—including what is lost in under-insulated areas.

Survey Results: Mechanical Insulation and Laminated Metal Building Insulation for Commercial and Industrial Markets

Data is now available from the Foundation and NIA biennial survey on the state of the mechanical insulation and laminated metal building insulation market. Spoiler alert: Results are impressive!

Insulation Is Greener than Planting Trees

Using data, we evaluate how insulation compares to trees, light bulbs, and other available technologies over a 30-year time period.

Construction Labor Productivity: The $20 Billion Opportunity

FMI’s 2023 Labor Productivity Study indicates that in this labor-intensive industry, there is substantial room for improvement—which means unrealized financial opportunity. How can you improve your bottom line?

Independent Study Confirms Insulation Upgrades Save Energy and Emissions in Existing Buildings

ICF, an international consulting firm with expertise in the energy-efficiency sector conducted a study finding insulation’s enormous potential to help all parts of the country meet building performance standards and carbon reduction goals.

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