September 2022

Also in the September 2022 Issue:

Design Considerations for Airports and Commercial Building Chilled Water Systems

Designing insulation for these systems involves considering a range of factors—from physical location (in- or outdoors, above- or underground) to regional weather conditions, how and when the system will be in operation, and safety requirements—proper design and material selection can ensure system performance and longevity.

New Report Shows Urgent Need to Support School Districts in Maintaining Safe and Healthy Indoor Air Quality

As the federal government invests millions to help upgrade ventilation to avoid school shutdowns, a new report details problem areas (hint: think HVAC).

Milestone Reflects Growing Demand for Net-Zero Buildings

The USGBC recently announced nearly 100 net-zero certifications earned under the LEED Zero program, representing more than 23 million square feet of space. One-fourth of LEED Zero projects earned multiple certifications, demonstrating achievement of net-zero goals in several categories. A complement to LEED certification, LEED Zero provides a clear, data-driven path to recognizing net-zero goals

Insulation Treatments and Corrosion under Insulation: What Works

One of the most common concerns about industrial insulation systems is the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI). Many papers and studies have been published regarding the financial impact of CUI on different sectors of the U.S. and global economies. The 2013 National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Impact Study estimated the cost of CUI

Insulation Economics: Economic Signals Are Confusing and Contradictory

Some say the United States is in recession, others point to signs the U.S. economy is healthy. Read why the mechanical insulation industry is in a better position to ride the wave than other industries.

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