Current Issue: June 2018

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Value Engineering: What’s the Real Cost?

Is there a Value in Value Engineering? Value engineering can be a controversial topic. Some would call it an effective way to reduce costs, while others claim it leads to improper material selection or installation, leading to complications for the system down the road. When designing a system and choosing materials, it is important to

Safety Matters: Choosing A Safe Contractor Pays

Smart project owners and contractors should take steps to pre-qualify subcontractors based on a number of factors, including financial strength, work experience, and insurance coverage. Safety performance should also be one of the main considerations in choosing a subcontractor. A serious accident can bring even the best-managed project to a screeching halt. Subcontractor liability issues

Safety: An Outsider’s Perspective

I recently met with NIA members to discuss safety, drawing on my experience with amusement park and ride safety. It became clear the insulation and construction industries shared similar safety concerns. In the amusement industry, we obviously have the unique perspective of not only managing workplace safety, but also patron safety. Both staff and guests