December 2022

Also in the December 2022 Issue:

Sponsored Bonus Content from Knauf: Healthier Buildings Are Good for All of Us

It takes a commitment to sustainability, the environment, and the world we live in. At Knauf, our commitment to making products designed to keep people healthy and safe led to our ECOSE® technology that utilizes renewable, bio-based material, not formaldehyde. By William “Buddy” Combs, Architect and Knauf Technical Representative As an architect by profession, I’ve

More Inflation and Likely Recession—Economic Outlook for ’23 Not Particularly Upbeat

Signs from the economy remain mixed, and financial markets are volatile. Will federal clean energy, infrastructure, and climate change initiatives buffer the U.S. mechanical insulation industry against global economic challenges? What other factors are at play for 2023 and beyond?

Most Construction Craft Professionals Like Their Jobs

Encouraging news! Through good economic times and bad, workers in the construction industry consistently report greater job satisfaction than in all other industries combined.

Understanding Resilience

The built environment is facing more and more challenges from the environment, population growth, extreme weather, and more. The AIA explains common terminology for communicating and understanding what makes buildings and communities resilient.

North American Engineering and Construction Outlook

A leading consulting and investment banking firm specializing in the built environment offers a detailed look at recent and forecast growth in the United States through 2026 by construction segment.

NIA Recognizes Members Who Are DOE Better Climate Challenge Partners

As a proud Department of Energy (DOE) Better Climate Change Ally, NIA recognizes our members who are DOE Better Climate Challenge Partners. Read about their commitments and accomplishments.

Educating Engineering Students with PVC

A new facility at Western Colorado University is designed to help engineering students learn about the components of mechanical systems, as well as different uses for various types of insulation.

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