July 2021

Also in the July 2021 Issue:

Defining Wet Mechanical Insulation

Continuing the dialogue on wet insulation begun in last month’s issue, this article explores what it means for insulation to be considered “wet,” and what the ramifications are in a tightly closed insulation envelope.

Mechanical Insulation in Hospitals and Schools Update

With increased attention on schools and hospitals and their roles in building healthy communities, one of the authors of NIA’s 2011 study of mechanical insulation in hospitals and schools re-examines the findings and confirms energy savings so great as to suggest that in some of these buildings, energy distribution systems would not be able to function without it.

The Great Cover-Up: Protective Finish Systems for Mechanical Insulation

The range of protective finish systems applied in the commercial building arena has expanded. Read about all the options available for this critically important component of mechanical insulation system performance.

Steps to a Safer Workplace

OSHA finally delivered its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard. What does the latest guidance mean for employers?

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