November 2021

Also in the November 2021 Issue:

A Different Perspective: Spotlighting Insulation in the Power-Generating Industry

Full of illustrative photos, this article takes you inside the combustion process, making clear why and how insulation is a critical component in the large steam-generating boilers that power our nation.

Preserving an Asset: There’s More to Coatings than Aesthetics

With tanks, vessels, and pipes, the proper coating can provide an extra layer of protection for an owner’s asset. Read about how coatings can benefit your customers’ applications, how to select the right coating, and why they should be incorporated into a system at the design stage.

Six Considerations for Insulating High-Temperature Tanks and Vessels

Large-diameter tanks and vessels have unique requirements and considerations for insulation. Keeping these six key points in mind can help ensure successful system design, installation, maintenance, and performance.

Corrosion under Insulation Prevention—Removing the Electrolyte

A newer approach to CUI risk analysis (the “Bow Tie” model) explores how using different products and applications to remove water from the equation prevents the costly condition.

Six Effective Practices for Insulating District Energy Systems

Systems that heat and cool many buildings in a network from a central plant location are expected to perform reliably over long periods of time. Here is a look at best practices that can keep a district energy system cost effective and high performing over the long haul.

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