April 2018

Also in the April 2018 Issue:

Presidents’ Perspectives

In this special feature, the National Insulation Association’s (NIA’s) current President and President-Elect offer their insights and views of the insulation industry from their different industry segments. Darrel Bailey has been Senior Vice President with Performance Contracting, Inc. for 38 years and has a wealth of knowledge from his decades in the industry. This union

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

1. What is your perspective on the last 12–18 months? Steve Luse, CEO, Luse Thermal Technologies The last 12–18 months have flown by (maybe it’s my age). There have been a couple of major changes for our company that will change us forever. First, the Chicago area has seen a significant amount of non-union/open shop

Silicon Valley Is the Answer to Attracting the Next Generation in Construction

The construction industry’s skilled-labor and engineering shortage has been escalating from a perfect storm—a confluence of those who left the field and didn’t come back, those about to retire in droves, and those uninterested in joining the ranks. The root of the labor shortage goes back to the Great Recession of the late 2000s, when

Inside the Millennial Mind

Positive construction and engineering (C&E) forecasts give industry members a lot to be excited about: proposed infrastructure spending and moderate growth mean more opportunities ahead for C&E firms. The problem? Many businesses are reporting significant issues hiring enough workers to staff their current projects, let alone fill new ones. Insulation Outlook staff recently spoke with

Gazing into the Crystal Ball

What Slowdown? Pace of Construction Activity Projected to Accelerate through 2019 By Kermit Baker Construction spending for nonresidential buildings is projected to increase 4 percent this year and continue at that pace of growth through 2019. While the commercial construction sectors will generate much of the expected gains this year, by 2019 the industrial and

Safety Matters: Road Hazard Ahead

According to the National Safety Council, auto accidents are the number one cause of fatal workplace accidents and cost employers over $60 billion every year. Nearly every company has employees that drive to conduct company business, yet many overlook this vital element of a health and safety program. Companies with large fleets of commercial vehicles

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